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Our History - by Dan and Nancy

In the latter part of 1987 we both decided to leave Corporate America and start a business of our own - still working hard - but now working hard as a team on a joint mission. Our parameters were simple: to start a small business that would involve a lot of travel yet at the same time keep us near our passion of boating!

During the rare free time we had beyond our full-time careers we would buy and sell boats - but found great difficulty locating reliable transporters. Our inspiration suddenly came one day after a very bad transport experience where the boat we had sold was impounded because the carrier we hired did not have the proper licensing. We both jumped in our truck and delivered our own boat ... and learned the satisfaction we gained not only from making the trip, and not only from overcoming adversity, but from the pure challenge of solving the problems that others doubted we could master. This would eventually propel us throughout our career into taking on the jobs that other carriers denied or refused to complete.

So December 23, 1987 marked the day that J Daniel Marine was officially born ... and as a team we have been seeking out and taking on challenges ever since.

Our humble beginnings started with Dan rebuilding an old DT466 International single-axle tractor - then adding the smallest sleeper ever made (lol). For the first few years we actually had to sleep head-to-toe in order to fit in the tiny bed until we eventually installed a bigger sleeping compartment.


We also reconditioned a tandem-axle boat trailer we purchased from a local dealer (sand-blasted and repainted it for an appealing nautical look). Then after the New Year 1988 we secured our first job, loaded up our St. Bernard and began what would become a 28 year remarkable journey ... through several taveling companions ... continuously upgrading to more powerful trucks and larger trailers (some we even designed and built ourselves).

On a funny note - upon reflecting back upon the technology available during those early years prior to cell phones and the internet - we kept our customers updated via phone calls from telephone booths (using rolls of quarters) and provided photos of the journey via a printed photo album upon delivery. Its amazing how far we've all come!

Today J Daniel Marine has achieved an impeccable reputation in the boat transportation industry and is recognized as the "go-to" team for the more challenging moves. During our career we have transported very valuable, classic, fragile, and elite yachts. Some of these have been valued up to $2 million and some as heavy as 126,000 lbs and as wide as 20' moved from coast to coast.

... but our proudest achievement of all is that during our entire career we have NEVER had a claim !! This is a record we worked very hard to earn -- caring diligiently for each and every vessel we moved. Our own insurance agent summarizes it best in his own testimonial provided on this page.

Now starting in 2015 we have taken on our next challenge ... semi-retirement!

We have parked our semi-truck and large boat moving equipment and instead are now focused on transporting boats using our Dodge diesel and 3-axle aluminum boat trailer. We bring our experience and knowledge and are applying all the successful skills and techniques we pioneered for packing large vessels and their fragile contents into this newer version servicing boats up to 15,000 lbs. We even offer tow-away service for boats already on their own trailers.

The journey continues ...


Dan Gooding


Background: Dan earned his welding certification before attending the University of Denver for business studies. He truly has the entrepreneurial spirit starting several successful businesses prior to launching J Daniel Marine.

Today not only does he manage the business operations but he is the primary CDL driver, mechanic, and manufacturer for new transportation and support equipment.


Nancy Gooding


Background: Nancy earned several degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Today she handles all computer operations (like building this web page), paperwork requirements for accounting, contracts, communications, permits, route surveys. She also reviews the packing of every boat, makes necessary adjustments, and monitors during transit. She navigates the route while continuously monitoring the weather conditions.